The E-chat Token (ECHT) Has Listed on the Instant Bitex Exchange

Dear users of our E-CHAT messenger. We have great news for you. Our crypto project has become even closer to its dream - world hegemony)) Our ECHT token has been listed on the Instant Bitex exchange.

What does it mean?

Increased level of trust

Any decentralized cryptocurrency exchange attentively checks the projects that will be listed on it. Our honesty, perspectivity, and impeccable history impressed the Instant Bitex team so much that the listing decision was made immediately.

Strengthening token positions

The coin, which demonstrates the growth of the price, automatically is in the TOP-10 cryptocurrencies. We are sure our project deserved this place, and we are making determined efforts to reach this goal.

Great prospects

More people will know about us soon. We will join Instant Bitex thanks to the audience of the British cryptocurrency exchange which consists of 100,000 users. Thus, ECHT will be traded on this platform on favorable terms.

The commission is fixed at 0.1%. First, our token will be paired with Bitcoin (ECHT/BTC), but in the future, we expect an increase in the number of trading pairs for the convenience of our users.

About exchange

Instant Bitex is a trading and investment platform aimed at providing the maximum number of opportunities for its clients.

Its advantages:

  • Fast transactions

  • Functional API

  • Minimum commission

  • Technical support operating 24/7

  • Convenient interface for traders

  • Multifactorial security

  • Daily turnover of $6.20 million

  • Mass coverage and scalability

Security is the prerogative of Instant Bitex

Most of the exchange’s funds are stores in cold wallets, which provides additional security for traders. In addition to two-factor authentication, the gold standard, there are other customizable services for greater confidence in the protection of user funds.

The activity of the exchange is legal in the USA, Great Britain and other countries that have the most influential legislative power regarding cryptocurrency. There is also an automated payment and monitoring system that makes Instant Bitex one of the best exchange for trading our coins.

Recommendations from the E-CHAT team

After our coin has been listed on the new exchange, the credibility of the project grows, while the value of the token in the market increases. Therefore, right now we recommend purchasing ECHT at the current price, as the coins will definitely be useful for earning by putting likes of the content you like and will help with access to other messenger functionality.

At the time of writing this news, ECHT shows + 0.12% growth. Do not waste your time and buy your favorite tokens at a reasonable price!

  • Date news 02/10
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