Swiss Stock Exchange SIX Starts Working with Digital Assets

SIX Group based in Switzerland plans to create a platform for trading digital assets based on Corda R3. An official press release stated that such an important task will require a reliable blockchain.

The reasons prompted to make a choice in favor of Corda, is its wide functionality and reliability. A spokesman for the SIX Group said that during the planning process they had refused many offers since the projects were too niche.

To launch the platform, you need wide coverage and work at the junction of different technologies. After all, SIX Group plans to create a platform for the purchase, sale, as well for the exchange of tokenized assets covering not only bank papers but also digital versions of works of art.

The project will be launched in the second half of 2019. First, active work is expected with stocks, bonds, funds, and products issued on the blockchain. Subsequently, it is likely that the project will be released on STO, but first, it is needed to create an MVP. The paid version of the Corda Enterprise platform will help implement the plan.

E-CHAT Team’s Opinion

The platform will have to operate in a tightly regulated market. Therefore, the choice in favor of a modern and reliable blockchain is predetermined.

Corda will be able to ensure sufficient confidentiality and scalability of the blockchain to allow the Swiss platform to trade security tokens.

  • Date news 03/20
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