ECHT is Listed on p2pb2b Exchange

e-Chat team as always wants to give ECHT holders as many opportunities for trading as possible. We have a good news - the token has been recently listed on p2pb2b exchange!


p2pb2b is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been completely updated after 4 years of work and gives traders an opportunity to get a new experience in buying and selling crypto. Businesses get a possibility to list a new coin for 5 minutes, updated API, officially registered Estonian company, while traders receive high performance, safety, and client’s support.


ECHT is used in e-Chat for payments for copyright content and access to paid channels, rewarding authors through «cryptolike», and payment for some e-Chat functions related to infrastructure costs. The token is already traded on such exchanges as YoBit, Tidex, GetBTC.


Buy ECHT, start trading and stay tuned for more news!

  • Date news 09/21
  • Views news 17083
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