Blockchain World Elite keep joining e-Chat

Many of our users, supporters, and investors point out our strong advising team. We are happy to bring recognition to our innovative, first decentralized messaging multi-task platform through connections with well-known figures of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world.

Johan Stael von Holstein, a Swedish-based Blockchain enthusiast, who is well-known for lecturing on Internet privacy, cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, and social media has become a valuable part of our advising team.

Mr. Holstein has been a CEO at Wakopa Eagle AB & Speed Ventures for 22 years already. In addition to being the founder of this company, Johan is also actively supporting and mentoring various Blockchain startups. He is a seed investor of more than a dozen of projects, including e-Chat.

Dear friends, let’s welcome our new board member and get ready for the Third Round of e-Chat ICO that starts on January 8, 2018!
  • Date news 01/03
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