The Decline of Centralized Environments

Dear friends, no surprise that centralized networks are losing trust from the side of their users. Today we would like to discuss the latest news coming from Facebook. The management of this social network confirmed the breach of over than 50 mln accounts while around 90 mln in total were affected.

It’s believed to be a hacker attack that used at least 3 main vulnerabilities in the Facebook code. We, at e-Chat, strongly believe that if not the centralized nature of this social network, the damage could have been reduced. Anyway, the funniest fact is that one of the vulnerabilities was in the code of ‘Happy birthday’ video offered to Facebook users.

Yesterday Facebook forcefully unlocked the harmed 50 mln accounts. Additional 40 mln accounts were hacked through the function ‘View As’, and, eventually were also unlocked by Facebook authorities.

Due to the several attacks not only the users’ accounts were harmed but other services that use Facebook accounts for Single Sign-On verification function.    

Dear friends, the only way to protect yourself online is the spread of decentralized environment for social interaction.

  • Date news 10/04
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