Chinese Blockchain Project Has Become Useful in the Delivery of Citrus Fruits

E-CHAT is a popular Chinese messenger, and we could not ignore the news which is actively discussed in China. IBM has used the blockchain's capabilities not only in the financial sector but also on a daily basis. Thus, the company could deliver 28 tons of oranges from China to Singapore.

The news is actively discussed and gained a large number of views. The reason is that cryptocurrency is increasingly influencing our daily lives, and this is great!

Many E-CHAT account holders were quick to eat oranges and tangerines, which were transferred by IBM from China to Singapore before the Lunar New Year. In total, 28 tons were transported thanks to blockchain technologies which were used at the conclusion of the consignment note and became the official confirmation of the contract of dispatch. According to an IBM representative, the choice in favor of the blockchain was fully justified.

The electronic bill of lading (e-BL) has made many administrative processes easier and faster. Thus, it helped eliminate the bureaucracy and the paperwork took only a couple of seconds.

In the network of our E-CHAT messenger, it is also actively discussing another additional aspect of the advantage of the blockchain-delivery of fruits - they are delivered fresh and fragrant.

IBM specialists are pleased that they have implemented the blockchain into the logistics of their company since fraud and document fraud mostly take place in this industry (sea freight). Cryptocurrency technologies do not allow this. Therefore, the pilot has already received official approval from the authorities!

  • Date news 01/29
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