e-Chat Team is a Frequent Guest at Chinese Blockchain Meetups

The popularity of Blockchain technology brought to life the organization of various summits and conferences where this technology is widely discussed. e-Chat is among the projects, that is highly appraised by Blockchain enthusiasts, that’s why we keep receiving invitations to deliver the speech on our project worldwide.

In our previous news post, we discussed the participation in the 2017 Asian Blockchain Technology and Application Summit, which was held on November 9-10, 2017.

On November 13, 2017, we took part in another Blockchain seminar in Shenzhen, China. The topic for discussion was: ‘The application of blockchain technology in real-time encrypted communications software’. The organizing side of this seminar was presented by the US-based blockchain companies and the Ethereum Asia-Pacific community.

One of the main reasons for Blockchain technology specialists to gather is to explore the real-time application of the blockchain in various industries: finance, communication, jurisdiction, elections, healthcare, etc.

e-Chat has much to share about how to build a robust decentralized infrastructure of an app. We managed to build the first decentralized anonymous instant messaging platform and are happy to share our creation with the world.
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