The Producer of Twin Peaks Takes Control of the Blockchain Studio

The SingularDTV studio, which has been using blockchain technology for a couple of years, conducted a rebranding. Now, the company is called Breaker. Thus, the changes affected not only the name of the studio but also the membership of its management.

The blockchain company will be led by two cult personalities in the world of the big screen, David Lynch and Steven Soderbergh. The movie “The Happy Worker” will be the first joint blockchain project.

In addition to the "star" leadership Breaker expands its capabilities. The company launched a decentralized application, each user of which can manage the rights to their content.

In general, guys from SingularDTV did not create anything new or revolutionary. Thus, the thing mentioned above even with more complete functionality was implemented much earlier in our e-CHAT project.

We provide millions of users around the world with the opportunity to make funny videos and edit photos, i.e. having fun and being entertained without fear, associated with centralization and censorship.

The creators of SingularDTV went a little different way. They are involved in making both professional and amateur movies. The studio has been operating for two and a half years. By the way, the co-founder of the second most important cryptocurrency (ETH) and the general director of Consensys was one of the initiators of its creation.

Joseph Lubin liked the idea of a decentralized movie studio offered by director Zach Lebo. They invited producer Kim Jackson to join their project and started to work on it together. Now, a couple of years later, according to the creators of the project, it has outgrown its capabilities that’s why the management team decided to rebrand it.

General director of Breaker Zach Lebo said in his interview:

“We want to see our joint project more dynamic, and therefore, we have updated the concept of its activities. Breaker is not SingularDTV. Now, this is a project that influences the development of the entertainment industry. ”

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