Pizza for BTC. Another Attempt to Revive Bitcoin

It is no secret that the exchange rate of the first cryptocurrency have an impact on the entire cryptocurrency market. The fact that ETFs are still unavailable and it is impossible to properly pay for goods and services with BTC creates disadvantages for the cryptocurrency.

The Fold’s creators decided to solve this issue and launched an application based on the Lightning network, with which you can buy pizza for BTC. For the first week of operation, 150 people have already taken advantage of this application. Reviews are mostly positive.

According to the creators of the software, this is the way to show that you can also pay for pizza with BTC as quickly and easily as with fiat money. Thus, the cryptocurrency is still at the point from which it is possible to start using it daily.

In addition to this, in the next six months, the possibility of payment with Bitcoin will be implemented in other projects, including Uber, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. If it goes on like this, and the Fold’s creators will be supported by other teams, the practical use of Bitcoin in everyday life will cease to be a myth.

E-CHAT Opinion

This does not threaten our ECHT messenger. The model of our token initially had a practical orientation. You can pay for access to the platform with ECHT and use all the services provided by the messenger. Our target audience provides maximum outreach.

E-CHAT offers great opportunities for artists, musicians, bloggers, writers, actors, i.e creative people, as well as for business owners. Using ECHT, you can monetize the created content and make money on it.

E-CHAT is a funny and awesome application. You can make a call, open a video, take cool photos and keep your personal information fully confidential!

  • Date news 02/08
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