What’s the price of BTC in Zimbabwe?

Mass media discuss the rumors about bitcoin significant development in Zimbabwe. Fee weeks ago there was a rumor that local crypto market was offering $79k US dollars for 1 BTC. But was it true?


Local exchanges like Paxful and Coindirect are not so extremely popular. The one and only exchanger with a little activity called Cryptogem, it offers bitcoin exchanging on EcoCash and other currencies. In the end, we observe low trading activity and Zimbabweans are made to trade directly through WhatsApp and Telegram.

There are 4 big chats existing in the country where the trade is held. There’s a possibility to get there only with an invitation. Salesmen and buyers posting advertisements and making deals directly with a commission from 7 to 10 percents.

Respondent traders in a response to a rumor of proposing $79k for 1 BTC said that journalist probably haven’t got a deal details right.

  • Date news 08/04
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