Google Trends: British Audience Is 100% Interested in e-CHAT

The audience of our e-Chat app is 4 billion people. We are among the three leaders on the request “The best instant messenger for communication” which is a real success.

Our application works all over the world, allowing users to communicate, earn money on content and transfer funds, which makes it really popular. Unlike other instant messengers on the market, e-CHAT has a few advantages:

  • *    Full decentralization;
  • *    Maximum protection of personal data;
  • *    A new form of user interaction.


The system is based on such modern technologies as IPFS, P2P, and blockchain which allows us to provide maximum protection against censorship. Even if whole countries refuse to work with the messenger, we will continue to conduct our activities.

When mobile payments are becoming the prevailing method of mutual settlements, and the cryptocurrency market is on the rise, the emergence of such a convenient tool as e-CHAT is a completely natural phenomenon.

The ability to conduct instant transactions to any part of the world constantly increase the popularity of cryptocurrency. According to Google Trends, over the past 90 days, there was a 78% increase regarding users’ request on “E-CHAT”. The British audience was the most active. And this is not the limit!

  • Date news 01/25
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