Jeff Marquass elaborates on the huge perspectives for e-Chat and blockchain technology

MDN It’s very symbolic that e-Chat is among the sponsors of the Second Annual International Blockchain Conference that is taking place in Hong Kong, a city where it had been established and based. For e-chat Advisor,Jeff Marquass, it is a home environment where he has over 17 years experience of successful work in different companies in Asia as he is really keen on Asian business ethics.

MDN This being said, his talk about the perspectives of e-Chat and participation in the panel discussion, dedicated to the blockchain technology and its international perspectives, was especially interesting for the participants as the number of e-Chat subscribers in social networks has significantly increased. It goes without saying that e-Chat is one of the few messengers that can legally work in such a giant market as China with a population of 1.379 billion people, where more than 600 million people regularly use smartphones.

MDN As we wrote earlier, today the senior figures from the tech and finance world gathered in Hong Kong to discuss how new technologies and blockchain, in particular, are changing our modern world. ICOs and the Token Distribution — are the main topics for discussion on the conference. So follow the updates on our website and don’t miss the most interesting content from the speakers from all corners of the world.

MDN And tomorrow, on November 11th, 2017, e-Chat will also take part in two big events: the Leading Conference on Decentralization in Davos, Switzerland and the first Blockchain Conference in Tokyo, holding by Blockchain Labo. Stay in touch!
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