Multitasking Nature of e-Chat

In some of the previous posts, we have already pointed out the unique functionality you get by downloading and using the e-Chat decentralized messaging app. Let’s sum up e-Chat functional advantages making your everyday communication easier and more convenient.

1. Stay Anonymous

The registration process is significantly simplified. It’s not obligatory to create a classical account. You may send the other participant your ID generated by the app. That’ll be more than enough to find and link to you.

2. Create Business Channels

e-Chat has all the needed infrastructure to promote brands, create a newsletter, and business channels. The app has the facilities to introduce the interactive way of your communication with the clients. The most active participants of your channel could be rewarded with ECHT.

3. Easy Monetization of Unique Content

There is an opportunity to create subscription-based channels where the payment is conducted in ECHT. In case you would like to run your own courses online, either motivational or education, e-Chat provides you with the full-fledged frame to communicate with subscribers, run webcasts, and organize both individual and group chat rooms.

4. Freebie Nature

The main functionality of e-Chat is absolutely free. In case you want to use the advanced one, i.e. data storage on IPFS nodes for more than 30 days, the access to the unique content of other users, one has to pay.  


Please, visit our official website for the latest news and check out the White Paper for more details about the project.

  • Date news 03/07
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