Famous Chinese Blogger Favors e-Chat

Blogger Wu Qiong, better known as “Watermelon sister”, is a true social-media star in China. She has more than 1.5 million subscribers on her popular live-streaming platform Yizhibo. Wu Qiong is a lead participant in  "Xiaohua Jiadao" show, and a gold-member blogger in the Meipai video editing app. She is recognized as the most popular blogger at Weibo 2016 and played the main part in TV-series "Meet you at the end of time" on the Iqiyi channel.


During her livestreaming, Wu Qiong mentioned such benefits on e-Chat such as high level of security and privacy and noted that it is perfect for your social life. It is multifunctional, gives you the possibility to make good-quality audio and video calls, and at the same time one can make bank transfers. Apart from what Wu Quiong thinks, that with the help of such features as publishing statuses directly in e-Chat and ability to view posts of unknown users from around the world, anyone can find friends and establish relations with new people.

  • Date news 03/11
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