Huffingtonpost included e-Chat in 5 Must-Have Mobile Apps to Improve Your Privacy and Security

Great news, e-Chat is spotted by the Huffington Post. We received high rates and joined the line of the most secure apps worldwide. Due to the decentralized nature of e-Chat, you can make sure that no one will be able to view your personal data because we don’t depend on servers. e-Chat is not only an awesome messenger platform. Its built-in wallet enables mobile payments and supports all major cryptocurrencies. We are happy to serve our users, let them stay connected by providing maximum security and privacy of their data.

We would like to remind that e-Chat pre-ICO lasts until November 15, 2017. Our ECHT tokens are free to purchase and if you do that right away, you are granted a 30% bonus (1ECHT = $ 0.7).
  • Date news 11/02
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