Monetize Your Creative Work with e-Chat

Creative members of the e-Chat community are wondering if it is possible to monetize their works in the app as well as solve the problem of authorship and proprietary rights. Good news - yes, it’s possible! All types of digital art can be distributed through the e-Chat as a product. Bloggers can make videos, set a price for viewing, post a video in the e-Chat, and share it with the followers. Digital artists and designers can exhibit their works and musicians can monetize their tracks and albums directly in the application.

Subscribers can purchase these creations and make microtransactions to the cryptocurrency wallet thanks to cryptolike, which is available in the app. Cryptolike allows e-Chat users to establish the value of their likes and this amount will be transferred to their wallets as soon as someone likes your post. All the transactions are transparent and thanks to the blockchain technology your funds are safe and secured. It is also an ideal solution in terms of intellectual property protection.


e-Chat makes it possible for our users to earn money on their creative works.


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  • Date news 03/20
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