e-Chat Provides Weekly Digest on Progress and Project Development

We are aware of the importance of keeping our community informed about progress in the development and other activities of our project development team, therefore we decided to publish a weekly report on our work. First of all, we want to demonstrate our extremely high concentration on high speed and product development quality. Those who want, can always send their wishes and advice on the project’s functional, as well as UI / UX solutions to the email address: [email protected] with the note: "Offers on the Development".


We start our first digest with the publication of a report on the work which has been done over the past week:


As you can see, the work is carried out at a high pace in all functionality of our messenger.


Over the last month, more than 300,000 downloads of the current version of the messenger were registered. The bulk of downloads mostly fall on the Chinese region, which, as originally defined, is fundamental for further progress, according to the development strategy.

In addition to the development, our Business Development managers have held a number of meetings with representatives of major crypto-exchanges, such as Huobi, Livecoin, and OKEx. Thus, the process of connecting a token to large exchanges currently takes quite a long time, as well as the procedures have become more complicated, but we believe that the fast announcements about our cooperation with them will surely please our entire community very soon. Stay in touch, and remember you can always send your constructive suggestions and criticism to us in our official chat on Telegram: https://t.me/ico_eChat, and other contacts listed on the official site.

  • Date news 05/06
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