Social Networks 2.0: Blockchain Reload

Communication is a natural human need. Many business models have been built on its basis that is easy to monetize.

Such social networks including FB, instant messengers (Telegram, Skype) are the most striking example. Their owners receive a lot of revenue thanks to various commissions and other channels of fundraising.

Unfortunately for users, these communication channels are centralized and highly censored. Accounts in these social networks are easy to hack, and correspondence can be used against users.

An excellent alternative is social networks and instant messengers based on the blockchain. Those that help earn money by putting likes (like Steemit) and more functional projects are already among them. For example, the Chinese e-Chat messenger.

The blockchain technology made it possible to overcome the main problems of classic social media such as the following:

  • * Centralization. Cryptocurrency projects are completely decentralized and not subject to censorship.
  • * Frequent hacks. Protection of the blockchain is based on its immutability. Enormous efforts are needed to concentrate half of the computing power of the blockchain. This is illiquid if you just need to hack someone's account.
  • * Excessive fees. Content creators get all advertising revenue.
    Knowing this, many development teams are actively exploring the sphere of social media. They are fueled by a desire to repeat the success of Facebook and Twitter, based on a more advanced business model.

What is the striking difference between blockchain and social media?

The classic business model involves the receipt of income from content by the owners of the social network. They keep the real value, offering users a kind of mixed rewards such as likes, comments, and subscribers.

The blockchain option works differently. In short, his main idea can be called “social capital”. All revenues from generated content belong to its creators. Monetizing content is simple and anonymous, using internal cryptocurrencies.

In fact, everything you do for free in any of the popular social networks can bring a good extra income using blockchain technologies. The main thing is to choose the right social network for account development.

It is needed to spend some time as some projects are more tenacious, while others, due to various reasons, could not reach the world level. A good example of electronic social media messenger is e-Chat.

Created in China, the project was able to unfold in its full force. Chinese authorities favor blockchain projects that receive the support of the government, as the top officials of the state have repeatedly stated.

About e-Сhat

e-Chat is a blockchain-based decentralized messenger and a fast-growing social network. The project has a lot of advantages. It is possible not only to communicate in it but also to transfer funds, thanks to the built-in payment system.

Messenger cannot be blocked or banned, as it is completely decentralized, and all information is stored in IPFS nodes. Being a hybrid social network, messenger and payment system, it has a wide target audience and several million users.

This is one of the few projects focused on the world community, the activity of which is fully approved in China. You can communicate, conduct business, make money transfers and even support the content you like using the “crypto like” function right in the e-Chat messenger.

e-Chat supports high privacy. The chat information is encrypted. Creating and administering groups does not take much time and does not require significant efforts.

There are detailed manuals and an intuitive account control panel. Thanks to this platform it is convenient to actively communicate daily. Thus, you can learn new technologies with e-Chat!

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