IBM Implements Green Projects When Merging Blockchain and IoT

The control of the California aquifer will be carried out using blockchain technology, as it was recently announced by a representative of IBM.

Water is a key resource, so the joint efforts of the three companies will set up the monitoring of the state of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta in real time using several sensors operating in a single IoT system.

The non-profit organization Freshwater Trust and the IoT experts from SweetSense take part in the project. Such attention given to this issue is not accidental. The basin of this watershed provides fresh water to California and the San Francisco area, which means it is essential.

Representatives of the University of Colorado in Boulder also participate in the development of the project. Together, developers will provide data collection and transfer to the IBM Blockchain, located in the IBM Cloud which will allow monitoring of groundwater reserves and launching a program of trading water credits based on the blockchain.

Such programs have proven to be effective in Kenya and Ethiopia. Thanks to the blockchain, we managed to make the platforms controlling the management of the most valuable water resources more transparent, scalable and reliable.

Our team believes that this project is suited to the times, as it is environmentally friendly and allows us to fully realize the possibilities of blockchain technologies.

We also work in this area. Thanks to our platform, millions of people get the opportunity to communicate, transfer funds, create interesting and useful content. Thanks to the blockchain, E-CHAT is not just an ordinary instant messenger with a standard set of functions but the future of social media, which is available now. Join us!

  • Date news 02/06
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