E-Chat (ECHT): Our Token Strengthens Its Position

The news on listing on the new exchange and the expansion of the target audience had a beneficial impact on the position of our ECHT token. During the day, it shows an increase of 5.11%, within a week - 10.81%, during the year - 74.94%, which is a great result.

Since its inception, the coin has increased by 196.84% and it is not going to stop on this. Today, the cryptocurrency capitalization is $61,192.95, while the daily trading volume on the exchanges is $1,669,836.38.

What does this mean for ordinary messenger users?

In addition to maximum privacy and comfort, all E-CHAT users can observe daily progress in its development. This is neither a one-day project, nor a startup, but a ready-made blockchain messenger with high ambitions.

We know for sure that we are capable of covering the whole world because we are the best. All your data is protected in the blockchain, as well as you can make money on your content, and, most importantly, no government structures will ever block access to your account.

This is both a complete decentralization and one of the main advantages of blockchain technologies))

The positions of our token are growing while the project base is strengthening. Many important updates are released, as well as protection against hacker attacks is provided. Blockchain guarantees anonymity and allows you to communicate without limits. Enjoy!

  • Date news 02/12
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