The “LA Kings” Hockey Team Releases a Blockchain Application for Checking the Authenticity of Souvenir Products

Now, everyone can make sure that the purchased souvenirs are not fake. The application is based using the technology of augmented reality (AR) to scan the barcode of the item and to show whether the purchase is legitimate and whether the item is not a fake.

With the help of blockchain technology, the hockey team is planning to protect the interests of its fans who buy souvenirs. The blockchain records data about the owner, which ensures their integrity and security.

The digital application uses multi-factor authentication when checking souvenirs. If the original status is confirmed, exclusive greeting video messages from LA Kings members are played.

E-CHAT Team’s Opinion

This is the first experience of using the blockchain and AR technologies for such a purpose. In the field of sports souvenirs, the issue of authenticity always comes first. Souvenirs are not cheap, and the solution to the issue of protecting the interests of owners is a good idea.

  • Date news 02/26
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