TrustVault, an Application for Storing Cryptocurrency on iOS Devices

The TrustVault company has launched the TrustVault application which is crypto storage managed from your iPhone device and is completely safe for financial transactions. It is aimed at financial institutions, such as banks and investment funds.

The first version of the product is already available for download in the App Store. Thus, it can be used to store ETH, while support for BTC and ERC-20 standard tokens will be introduced soon. Also, developers are planning to provide support for Android on the new Google Pixel 3 smartphone.

E-CHAT Team’s Opinion

We consider the creation of such crypto storage as an excellent initiative. The application has high security, while access crypto keys are not stored on the smartphone. If you lose it, you can easily restore access to your TrustVault account from another device.

  • Date news 03/28
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