Crypto Exchange Bithumb Hacked on Friday

Last weekend turned out to be unlucky for the entire crypto market. On Friday, March 29th, the Bithumb exchange was hacked by unknown persons, therefore, about $13 million in EOS were stolen. The market has instantly appeared to be in a period of decline.

After the internal investigation, the team of the exchange reported that the exchange was hacked internally, as there is no convincing evidence of external vulnerability. According to the latest data, 3.07 million EOS were stolen.

The theft of tokens occurred when making a series of transactions from a hot wallet. On Friday, the cryptocurrency was trading at $4.22. Therefore, the total loss amounted to about $13 million.

Suspicious transfers were seen at 1 pm UTC. After that, the exchange has suspended deposits and withdrawals, while tokens have been urgently transferred from a hot wallet to offline wallet to prevent new thefts.

To date, the main task of the exchange is to detect and eliminate the vulnerability. Thus, Bithumb has already started this process with the involvement of competent experts.

E-CHAT Team’s Opinion

The decline in prices of most cryptocurrencies was due to both the inactivity of traders and the negative news about hacking Bithumb.

As a reminder, after the previous hacker attack in 2018, the crypto market graphics became red. We hope that this time the situation is under control!

  • Date news 03/30
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