Let’s say bye to a “bear trend”!

Analytics around the globe used to say that Cryptowinter is in the past. First time since February, Bitcoins MACD has crossed zero points and became positive. This is the last drop to the chain of signals that tells us “bear trend”  has swıtched to “bull trend” in a long-term perspective.

At the moment of upstream movement ups and downs are predictable. In a short-term perspective, 5000 kickback is possible. But in case “bulls” will defend the level of support pointed at 5200$, BTC price will rise to 5400 and more.

E-CHAT team opinion

Market is in the same unstable situation as previous. Many lamented that MACD has a tendency to lateness, that leads to prediction opportunity reducing.But we believe in history. Looked throughout the statistics, MACD last positive bent crossing is used to be in July of 2016 became a 2,5 years “bull trend”.

  • Date news 04/19
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