e-Chat Is Picking Up Steam As it Hit the Huffington Post Twice This Month

This time we are mentioned in the recent article provided by the Huffington Post due to our profound system of cryptowallet protection. The post is bringing the light to the aspects of how to keep your cryptocurrency assets safe.

The knowledgeable opinion of Edwin Dearborn, our CMO, was brought to comment on this issue. Edwin stated that the wallet protection is as important as the provision of safe transactions. Based on the e-Chat experience, the usage of blockchain technology, IPFS protocols, and P2P connections is a win-win solution.

Will Caldwell, the author of the article, mentioned that other ways to protect cryptocurrency transactions are: 1) make more wallets to distribute the assets and 2) store the assets offline. None of the mentioned above ways is convenient enough in the speeding pace of modern life.

That is why we developed e-Chat. We believe that cryptocurrency transactions should become easier and more convenient to everyone.
  • Date news 11/23
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