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All you need in your everyday life is ability to interact with friends and beloved ones and the make speedy money transactions, including online purchases and paying bills. Now all that is possible within one app - e-Chat. Apart from staying one of the safest apps you can get nowadays, it also provides the possibilities to generate money. Welcome the fast-pacing development of e-Chat and check out the latest news through our weekly digest, stay tuned.

Let’s see what e-Chat has been up to recently, namely during the last 7 days:

Earlier this week, we posted about the recent introduction of e-Chat to the world of Finance and Business, we were mentioned in one of the most influential newspapers: Forbes. It was highlighted that being a decentralized messaging platform, e-Chat stays immune to any kind of control from the authoritative parties.

The First Round of ICO e-Chat is running right now and brought a lot of popularity to our project. We have been mentioned in another article published by Huffington Post. This time e-Chat CMO, Edwin Dearborn, was interviewed on the nature of how to provide the safety of financial transactions and the storage of cryptoassets.

Later this week e-Chat took part in the annual battle of ICO projects held in Moscow. Our speakers presented the e-Chat app and discussed its potential and the perspectives we are getting by the end the ICO.

During the First Round of ICO, e-Chat representatives visited a one-day Blockchain event in London. The senior figures from various business fields had an opportunity to exchange their projects based on the blockchain technology. The summit gathered over 700 participants worldwide and e-Chat was among the Golden Sponsors of the event. Together with the leading companies such as IBM, HCL, Bitfury, Beelife, etc. e-Chat had an opportunity to promote the decentralized technologies.

Another significant event for e-Chat was the interview Business 2 Community, conducted with our Lead Strategist, Karthik Iyer. We were mentioned in the post speaking about the decentralization and the ability to stay safe and protected in the world of cryptocurrency.

One of the in-house events was the launch of e-Chat news feed in 12 languages. Now, our followers, users, partners, and investors could keep up with the flow of e-Chat activity in their native languages.

We have also reminded our friends about the video blog contest e-Chat is running right now. We have already received 16 videos and after December 30, 2017, the last day of the contest, we will pick up the winner who will be rewarded with $27,000!

We are also welcoming our new Financial Advisor, Mr. Sridhar, who has vast experience in banking and financial development. Having run the Central Bank of India for more than 10 years, Mr Sridhar, proved himself as an excellent top manager and a genius strategist. We are pleased to get him as a gem to our international management team.

e-Chat management is deeply involved in the marketing campaigns to promote e-Chat, take part at the blockchain conferences in December, invite investments, launch the inbuilt multi-currency cryptowallet and stay attentive to the needs of our users. There are still 15 days before the end of e-Chat First Round of ICO, get your chance to invest in our product.

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