Video Contest Extension, Don’t Miss the Last Chance to Win the Gob

Dear Friends, The e-Chat team decided to extend the video blog contest as we continue to receive more and more cool videos from you. Thank you for the active participation!

Those who have already sent us the videos will get the primary bonuses, and as soon as the contest finishes, all of us will find out who is the winner of 27,000.00 ECHT ($27,000.00)!

Recently we have received a video to participate in the e-Chat video contest, but the name of the sender is not given. Unfortunately, the anonymous video cannot participate in the contest that is why it cannot be shared with the rest of the community.

Stay tuned and get to know who will get the top prize. The results will be announced in a couple of days! Let’s build a better future for instant messaging systems together!

  • Date news 12/11
  • Views news 4857
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