Cryptolike: Unique e-Chat Platform Feature

One of the reasons for the worldwide love of social networks is the ability to get attention from friends, relatives, and even strangers. It is clear that if your rating is growing, it will manifest itself in the number of likes given to the posts. So, finding their niche, many network users are beginning to acquire fame and become recognizable among thousands of followers. We all know that you can earn on the Internet. A large number of visits to your page and the likes can easily be converted into fiat money. However, in this situation, you still will not get all the money you've earned: in every step to monetization you will encounter barriers in the form of interest, which must be paid to the platform, the site, etc.

And now let's imagine that the whole process of cashing out the likes can become much easier, more accessible, and more transparent. If you use the modern technologies to tie the account to a wallet and add the function of instant transfer to a certain amount of money to the account of the person you put on, the earnings process is accelerated tens of times, and its amount is increased by the same number. On a simple example, let's analyze the account of some celebrity, say, Beyonce. Once she posts something in the network, these photos are instantly replicated and spread around the world. And this celebrity has an account on the platform, which unites social communication with financial incentives.

Such a platform really does exist, it is e-Chat, the first decentralized multifunctional platform with a built-in crypto-wallet. Continuing the calculations, Beyonce puts the photo in the news line on e-Chat, which it is clear by that time on the platform it will have a million as an audience with a stable number of several- hundred thousand likes under each post. Let the post be socially oriented and encourage the followers to support the rights of the black population of New Orleans for free medical care. All those who have the same views, placing the likes, automatically transfer money from their wallet to the wallet of Beyonce.

The creators of e-Chat provide that the users themselves can establish the value of their likes, which can be a dollar, five, a hundred, or even 5 cents- any amount will be automatically transferred when you click. Let's say the average value of one crypto-like is 1 dollar. Let's make the calculation, how much Beyonce can collect by one post? The answer is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With the help of e-Chat, this kind of crowdfunding is revolutionizing the financial relations to which we are accustomed. All transfer operations are absolutely transparent, as they are recorded by the system, and the withdrawal of money takes a single-click of the mouse. Cryptocurrency can be transferred to the fiat money or to the accounts of organizations that will directly engage in providing assistance to the needy low-income population of New Orleans.

When creating the product, the e-Chat team focused on modern decentralized technologies: blockchain, end-to-end encryption, MTProto protocol, and others. They ensure the security of the funds, transfers, and the recording of all transactions in the blockchain.

The second phase of e-Chat ICO has already begun and will last until December 30, 2017. Download the product on Google Play and the App Store. You can support e-Chat by purchasing ECHT tokens.

The price of the token during the second stage of the ICO is $ 0.80. Hurry up, the number of tokens is limited, and their price will continue to grow after the end of the ICO.

  • Date news 12/13
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