Get Ready! Only 1 Day Left Until the End of e-Chat, First Round of ICO

Don’t miss out your chance to invest in the first decentralized messenger. e-Chat is a promising and unique multi-task platform where the decentralized nature is based on the Blockchain technology.

During the First Round of ICO that started on November 16, 2017, the team has accomplished a lot. In just one month time, we have participated in the Decentralized Conference in Switzerland, Chinese Blockchain Meetup, Blockshow Asia 2017, 6th China Forex Expo, and two Blockchain conferences in Moscow: ICO-battle and Cryptospace. We have also become a sponsor of the Blockchain Summit held in London and a partner of the Blockchain Conference in Tokyo.

The number of the community has significantly grown since the end of our pre-ICO period and we are ready to accomplish the full redesign of the e-Chat app in the beginning of 2018. We are also pleasantly surprised with the multiple subscriptions we continue to receive through our social network channels. e-Chat is actively discussed by our followers on 30 forums!

e-Chat is your ticket to complete freedom in your social and financial life. The multi-currency crypto wallet is protected against meddling. It’s impossible to track or block it. Your data is secured, the transactions are carried out instantly and we have also introduced the option of a cryptolike.

Hurry up, only 1 day is left to buy the e-Chat tokens with a 25% discount for $0.75 only!

  • Date news 12/14
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