e-Chat Team is Growing: Two More Brilliant Specialist Joined Us

In December of 2017, e-Chat has obtained not just one, but two advisors. We are happy to share our news with the community.

Ryan Scott has more than 10 years of experience being a CEO. Ryan is the founder of Causecast and ICO Advisory Group. He is also a well-known ICO advisor. Ryan is also the leading investment strategist at BlockRx and Karma International.

Jared Polites is a former FBI analyst, fintech expert, and Blockchain specialist. Jared is a senior manager at Time Inc, a contributor to CryptoCoinNews. Apart from advising our startup, Jared is also advising Gameflip and DNX Community.

The newly joined members of our world-class management team are our biggest assets and we are proud to work with high-skilled professionals. There is no doubt that with the creative management and having the strong team of advisors on our side, soaring us to success!

  • Date news 12/19
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