e-Chat Presents Itself at ZhongChou Crowdfunding Platform

e-Chat is finally present at the biggest Chinese crowdfunding platform. It’s not a secret that China has already outdated many other countries in terms of top-notch technologies used. It’s truly regarded as the world capital of tech startups. Moreover, China has greatly contributed to the crowdfunding sphere worldwide.

e-chat has been enlisted in the ZhongChou platform, and it’s among the top 7 world well-known platforms. We take it as a huge breakthrough because now we have the access to the enormous Chinese audience that is eager to support promising and successful startups with crypto rewards.

The total amount of projects that have already received the funding from the platform is 2,151. The number of the platform supporters who are actively investing is around 100K.

The motto of the platform is ‘All or nothing’ and we entertain this view because in a bid to bring the best service to our users through the decentralized technologies.

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  • Date news 12/23
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