We sum up our achievements and now happy to share it with you!

Our Dearest Friends, we’ve made a video especially for you to digest the sum of results from the previous month: from the conferences we participated in to the new advisors who have joined the e-Chat team. We make our best to bring our users the best quality service and promote the decentralized technologies as in the case of e-Chat multi-task platform.

The video also highlights the results we achieved during the First Round of our ICO, November - December 2017 and the goals we set up for the Second Round of our ICO that last until December 30, 2017.

Thank you very much for helping us with the e-Chat project nourishment, none of what we have reached so far would have been possible without your support and appreciation. Additional words of gratitude to all who believe in us and have invested in e-Chat during its ICO!

It’s because of you that we have proven to be a tremendous success and are ready to set even higher goals and objectives to continue the excellent service for our users by bringing benefit to our investors and supporters.

  • Date news 12/26
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