e-Chat is Invading Chinese Digital Market

China has a very appealing market, many companies admit that and we are not an exception. The potential of the Chinese market is enormous and is calculated in billions of dollars. Moreover, it’s important to mention that it is still growing.

As you know e-Chat is actively participating in various conferences. Only in November, we were honored to speak about the e-Chat messaging platform with its multi-currency crypto-wallet function in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. Usually, conferences are providing lots of room to meet the first figures of multiple world companies. We definitely didn’t miss our chance and established bonds with many Asian companies, including Chinese ones.

We are proud to announce that the e-Chat presence in China is growing. The evidence to that is the big number of Chinese Android markets, acting as an analog to Google Play blocked in China, providing the installation of e-Chat. Let’s give some examples of the biggest ones: wandoujia.com anzhuoyuan.com store.mopo.com www.25pp.com zhushou.360.cn shouji.baidu.com
  • Date news 11/18
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