Additional Round of e-Chat ICO Starts in January!

Our team is not ready to rest because during our Second Round of ICO we received many inquiries asking about more opportunities to buy e-Chat tokens before the ECHT is finally enlisted to online markets. We cannot say ‘NO’ to our friends, supporters, and investors, that’s why we decided to run the Third Round of ICO!

Right now, the e-Chat team is crafting the marketing plan, actively working to establish new partnership connections and writing to Qvarious exchange markets asking to enlist e-Chat cryptocurrency (ECHT). Here, you could see the list of exchange markets we are planning to be presented soon. The scale of activities is rather global, get ready for a breakthrough and buy ECHT for a hardy fair price while you still have this possibility!

The additional, Third Round of e-Chat ICO starts on January 8 and lasts until February 15, 2018! The price for 1 ECHT throughout the Third Round of ICO will fluctuate.

- Throughout January 8-15 you can purchase 1 ECHT with 30% discount, for $1.05.
- From January 16 to January 21 the price for 1 ECHT is $1.125 (25% discount).
- January 22-31, the discount is 20% and the price for 1 ECHT is $1.20.
- February 1-8, 1 ECHT is sold for $1.275, with the 15% discount.
- During February 8-15, the discount is 10% and the price for 1 ECHT is $1.35.

The price we are planning to start selling ECHT at the market is $1.50! Don’t miss your chance to get e-Chat tokens during the very first days of the Third Round of ICO at the most favorable price.
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