Our Community, Largest Asset for e-Chat

Many of you participated in the bounty campaign we have been running during the e-Chat ICO, which we are so happy to have you with us. It has been a wonderful experience and as a result, the campaign embraced more than 4K participants!

Let’s discuss some of the figures in regards to the e-Chat bounty campaign which we are absolutely proud of:
- Our campaign turned out to be one of the biggest on Bitcointalk, we managed to exchange 5K+ messages on the platform.
- 14K+ twitter microblogs outreaching 2M+ people around the globe.
- 30K+ posts on Facebook that outreached 6M+ people.
- We have also received more than 600 referral links to posts and blogs talking about e-Chat first decentralized messaging platform.

As many of you already know, we are running our 3rd Round of ICO, that’s why the e-Chat bounty campaign is ON again! Please, note that some of the conditions of participation in the campaign have changed.

We are very proud to witness the growth of the e-Chat community and are happy to keep supporting it. To motivate more people, the e-Chat team introduces a 10% bonus for those who take part in Bitcointalk signature bounty campaign until January 15th. Together we could change the world, let’s flock up and spread the word about e-Chat!

  • Date news 01/06
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