e-Chat: Gaining Popularity Worldwide, Acquires New Advisors

Two excellent Singapore-based business strategists have joined our growing e-Chat team. We are happy to welcome Michael Ma and Robbie Hoyes-Cock! We would like to introduce them to our followers and investors.

Robbie Hoyes-Cock for the last 8 years has been managing two companies: The Podium Lounge and Great New Places. Robbie is the CEO and Founder of these two projects. Moreover, he is running a Singapore International Jazz Festival being a skillful Project Manager and Strategic Planner.

Michael Ma is a Singapore-based Entrepreneur from Australia. He claims to be a Greeny Entrepreneur and has been successfully running Indochine Wine Bar and Restaurants project for more than 15 years. Michael is an excellent business developer and strategist who is also an expert in the Chinese market.

We are looking forward to embracing the experience and the business attitude of our new advisors who are bringing new perspectives to our internationally growing project.

  • Date news 01/09
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