e-Chat guards your communication and finances

E-Chat is the first decentralized messenger that is considered to be the app of the future. This multifunctional product will help you fulfill the following needs:

· Communication. Use the app as a regular messenger for sending text messages, images, files and stickers, making video and audio calls, participating in group conversations, using bots, etc.
· Transactions. Built-in multi currency crypto wallet will store your assets in internal cryptocurrency ECHT or other digital currencies (including BTC, ETH, LTC, ZCH). Feel free to make purchases online or transfer money to other accounts. Your VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay can be attached to your e-Chat account.
· Useful content and its Monetization. Use keywords to find quality content and subscribe to high-ranked channels. Express appreciation of any material by leaving tips (the size of “cryptolike” is defined individually). Receive rewards for your articles, comments, ads, photos etc., or make paid access to the channels or chats.
· Advanced security and anonymity. Decentralized nature and such technologies as blockchain, MTProto encryption, proof-of-replication, and proof-of-spacetime consensus guarantee the highest level of security and preserve your anonymity while making transactions.

Modern, independent, secure, multifunctional messenger e-Chat will provide the opportunity to use a new generation video communication, which allows to carry out group video calls of Full HD quality with a high connection speed and open new horizons for you.

Start using the app of the future right now!
  • Date news 01/11
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