Telegram Follows in e-Chat Steps

Less than a week ago, the Telegram CEO announced the idea to launch an ICO for the world-known messenger and introduce its native cryptocurrency. But let’s face the truth, is this idea so revolutionizing?

The idea to create a Blockchain-based messenger is not entirely new to the market. e-Chat has been spreading the word about its messaging platform for half a year already, moreover, just as in Telegram, e-Chat is a working product with a vast amount of users worldwide. While Telegram management is still thinking to run a ICO for their product, we have already ran a number of rounds and have raised an impressive amount of funds. As you may already know, we are running our final ICO and asking you to support us!

More and more key media features get notice of e-Chat due to its protected algorithm, strong encryption, Blockchain nature, and incredibly convenient interface. At the same time, Telegram continues to receive negative reviews. Looks like the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, the one who popularized the Russian version of Facebook – VK, cannot get his own ideas and keeps borrowing them from us and WeChat.

It means, that while some messaging giants are still thinking about making their first steps in the world of ICOs and cryptocurrency, we continue to strengthen our positions, as e-Chat is the already functioning messaging system of the future!.
  • Date news 01/15
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