Last Day to Receive e-Chat Tokens with 25% Discount

Dear friends, as you know, right now we are running the Third Round of ICO that is made up of 5 stages. January 21st is the last day for our 2nd Stage, on this day the price for 1 ECHT is still $1.125. The coming stages will show the gradual price rise as well until it reaches the mark of $1.5. This is the best time for you to become e-Chat tokens owner for the most reasonable price!


The project team does everything to develop and improve the application, as well cater to the requests of each and every user of the e-Chat messenger. We also attend various conferences in order to establish long-term relations with potential partners and investors, and make the platform even better!


Recently, we have traveled to the USA to participate in the  North American Bitcoin Conference and took a sea voyage on a cruise liner to get closer to investors and partners from all over the world during the Blockchain Cruise Asia. Dozens of celebrities worldwide are endorsing e-Chat for its superb functions and extreme user-friendliness. Moreover, we all are looking forward to a profound update of our beloved decentralized messaging app.

Stay tuned, together we bring the innovations and top-notch technologies closer to the masses.

  • Date news 01/21
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