e-Chat Enters 3rd Stage of 3rd ICO Round

Dear friends, thank you for staying with us and striving for true decentralization in the spheres of finance and communication. E-Chat is a revolutionary app combining these two directions by providing the best service of its class.


There are three more stages of our 3rd Round of ICO to come and we are approaching the one lasting for 10 days (January 22-31, 2018). As you know the price for 1 ECHT keeps rising and it has already reached $1.2. Stay abreast and participate in e-Chat tokens sale with 20% discount. Next stage of ICO will lead to more price rise. Choose wise and get ready for many sweeping changes to come.


e-Chat management team decided to make an unrivaled action that has never happened in the world of ICOs. At the same time, this particular novelty will increase the price of ECHT. Get your chance and buy e-Chat tokens at reasonable price, while you still have this opportunity! Stay tuned to find out what the big change is about.

  • Date news 01/22
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