Now or Never! Revolutionary Changes for e-Chat to Come!

Dear e-Chat Users and Investors!


The project team thanks all the community members for their active support! Thanks to you, e-Chat is ready to develop further! And now we are ready to take the next step and become not just an instant messenger, but a decentralized messenger platform.


We are confident that both the project itself and all investors will benefit from this change.

And for the realization of this task, we will perform the Ethereum hardfork right after the ICO. Thus, instead of the tokens under the ERC20 standard, each user investing in e-Chat will have the opportunity to receive the full-value coins on the new platform.


How will the platform benefit from this step?

Improved Ethereum network with all its functionality;

New functionality for the e-Chat platform;

Instant attraction from a large number of new users and developers to the platform.


How will investors benefit from this step?

  • the possibility of obtaining additional profit!


Despite the indisputable advantages of this decision, we cannot take it on our own without the participation of our community, therefore, we want to know your opinion, and for this purpose we have conducted a poll for all the project’s investors. You can vote for the future of e-Chat following the link:

  • Date news 01/24
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