TheReuters Endorsed e-Chat as the Technology to Reshape the World in 2018

e-Chat is breaking all the records again! Our startup, the decentralized multi-task platform is officially recognized as the technology able to change the future. One of the most influential broadsheets, Reuters, mentioned e-Chat among the Five Emerging Technologies that could drastically impact human lives. The editor stressed the fact that the blockchain-based social networking is gradually replacing older models of social networking and e-Chat is a well-recognized pioneer in this sphere.


We appreciate the attention and the received title of the life-changing phenomenon in the modern world. e-Chat is planning to do even more to revolutionize the world of Dapps. Quite soon the platform will have the needed functionality to act as the constructor of smaller Dapps hosted there. Everyone will be able to create the application in one click. Moreover, the e-Chat platform will give an opportunity for each app to use its own cryptocurrency.


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  • Date news 01/26
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