World Celebrities Advocate for e-Chat

Our team has noticed the active interest in the e-Chat decentralized platform from the side of famous people all around the world. These are mostly models, travelers, actresses who are actively investigating different ways of how to stay protected online while having first-class messaging service. We are happy to point out that all of the people promoting us online are bloggers having from 1 to 10M followers. Let’s go through their post and see what made them start using e-Chat.


Jay Alvarrez, a famous blogger, and traveler highly appraised e-Chat. Jay is interested in crypto hype and cryptocurrencies: “All the hype is on Crypto currency right now... with a lot on the line in investing it’s best to have a Messenger like E-Chat. e-chat is a freedom of speech with no limits, it's impossible to steal your photos or your personal information not to mention it's super safe and modern.”


Jessie Golden, an American actress, and model begins her post with a question: “What messenger do you use? WhatsApp? Telegram? Or maybe just regular TEXT? I just found out about e-chat which you can use to message, read the news, make conference calls, and even get paid.” The actress pointed out that that e-Chat provides excellent opportunities to earn online.


Anastasia Samburskaya, a Russian model, and popular actress wrote in her Instagram blog: “I’m testing a new messenger e-chat because it’s a cool app (we may compare it to Google among search engines, but only among messaging platforms). The app lets you send any photo and video in HD. If you are familiar with the cryptoworld, you may connect your wallet and get cryptolikes”.


Dmitry Portnyagin, a Russian entrepreneur and an author of a couple of books and Viktoriya Lopyreva, FIFA Ambassador from Russia both stress out the high level of protection e-Chat guarantees to its users. Vika wrote on her blog: “I really enjoy the app because I’m absolutely confident that this is the safest messaging apps nowadays”.


Viktoriya Bonya (model), Aiza (designer), and Alyona Vodonaeva (TV host and singer) mentioned in their Instagram blogs the opportunities e-Chat is giving to talented people. “There are many talented and beautiful people among the followers of my account and I know the app that could help them to make their dreams and desires come true. It’s e-chat.”


A Russian actress Natalya Rudova spreads the word through her Instagram account about the e-Chat ICO: “Right now, the guys are running the ICO, you can get the details here:” Russian models Nika Viper and Maria Minogarova also speak about the ICO and there is every reason to suppose that these Russian divas could be among our investors, as they are actively following the ICO details.


We were also spotted by one of the candidate for the presidential chair in Russia – Ksenia Sobchak. She mentioned the unique and revolutionary features our decentralize platform obtains and even offered her followers join our Telegram channel: “Support the guys through Thank you for your support!”.


Dear friends, don’t forget that right now we are offering our tokens for sale during the ICO and you may become the proud owner of ECHTs, e-Chat tokens! Support us now and we guarantee your complete freedom of communication and financial interactions in the future!

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