e-Chat Community Poll: Don’t Forget to Vote!

Dear friends, as you already know we are seriously thinking of launching the Ethereum Fork and we need your support! We have figured by having a coin of our own that is not dependent on the ERC20 standard will open up new possibilities for investment and trade operations with ECHT coin in the future!


We have the best community and you have been supporting us along the way, now it’s the time to make a serious decision on which path to choose: with the fork or without it. And we cannot make it without you!


If you vote for the fork, then we are ready to launch it just after the end of ICO, in February 2018. The availability of our own coin will open new opportunities for investment and trading operations with ECHT coins in the future, and the advent of our own network will lead to the immediate growth of a large number of users. It also can give us the green light to turn the e-Chat messaging platform into the constructor-type multitask platform, providing the opportunity for its users to create their own decentralized apps.


The project team will rely on the voting results of investors -  follow the link and make your choice! Our community is our team, together we will create a new generation of messengers!

  • Date news 01/30
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