Joe Blackburn, new e-Chat Advisor, Promotes the Platform in Thailand

Joe Blackburn joined our team recently, yet the recognition he has brought to the project and the help he has provided in promoting our first decentralized multitask platform is enormous. Apart from being an e-Chat advisor, Joe is currently the community manager at TokenMagic, a platform providing a comprehensive white glove service for end-to-end token sale solutions.


Being an ardent Bitcoin Ambassador, Joe created one of the most successful cryptogroups, Crypto Coin Trader on Facebook, with over 50K members and the target audience of around 100K potential investors.

Today Joe is flying to Thailand to speak about the e-Chat project in front of Asia- and world-level financial key players.

Stay tuned, and rush to invest in ECHT, e-Chat tokens, as right now we are running our Main Round of ICO!

  • Date news 02/02
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