e-Chat: 500K Downloads and Grand Plans for the Future

Dear friends, e-Chat is going through a very interesting period of its development. We are running the main tokens offer, presenting e-Chat at various Blockchain Forums and Conferences worldwide, obtaining new partners and investors for our project and being spotted by celebrities promoting our first decentralized messaging platform online.

All our efforts are not in vain, the amount e-Chat downloads is over 500K, combined on Android and IOS. We are bravely marching to the line of 1M active users and this is great news!

Being driven by the only wish to make our messaging platform even better, we dared to dream high and organized a poll asking our users what they think if we launch the Ethereum network fork. e-Chat Ethereum fork comes with the idea to only bring additional functionality and let our messaging platform grow into a multitask platform with its own independent cryptocoins not based on ERC20 standard. The platform will give anyone the opportunity to create apps with its own tokens and place all buying/selling activities in one place with almost zero commission and blazing speed of money transactions.

Enjoy using our first decentralized messaging platform, stay safe and protected online, participate in the voting and keep in touch with us for more news to come

  • Date news 02/03
  • Views news 17679
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