Hacker Noon Placed e-Chat Among TOP10 Blockchain Startups Worth Following in 2018

The post on Hackernoon.com highlights the diversity of startups adopting distributed ledger technology to challenge traditional business models moving them to the extreme level of transparency, operability, and security. e-Chat is mentioned among other 10 startups that have much to show to the rest of the world.

First of all, all of them are unique for being able to find their niche that has all potential to be adopted soon. Secondly, business goals set by the project management made a shrewd guess what the users really need.

In the case of e-Chat, we bring the innovative twist to the world of traditional messengers. Our multitask platform allows everything from in-app payments to video calls with up to ten people. We provide the highest level of security and protection and offer P2P assets transfer supported by Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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  • Date news 02/05
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