Today Marks Final Day of the 4th Stage of e-Chat Main ICO Round

Dear friends, users, and investors!  You are well aware that during e-Chat ICO, we have introduced a flexible discount schedule. The very early investors, who participated in our pre-ICO had an opportunity to buy ECHT by paying $0.75 for one token only! Now, the price has grown up to $1.275, taken into consideration that a 15% discount is provided.


e-Chat is very popular with Instagram stars as they keep posting and mentioning its benefits for ordinary users. Don’t miss your chance to invest in e-Chat right now, as the price for ECHT is expected to grow. At the same time, we would like to say the words of gratitude to everyone who has helped us to raise the soft cap. Also, don’t forget to participate in the Fork poll, your vote is very important to us. Together we can move mountains!

  • Date news 02/08
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