Maria Jones, e-Chat Advisor and Cointelegraph VP, Arranged Negotiations with Singulariteam Investment Fund

A couple of days ago a new e-Chat advisor, Maria Jones, met the management team of the Israeli-based venture capital investment fund Singulariteam. The fund was founded by Moshe Hogeg in 2012 with the headquarters in Tel Aviv. Since then they became well-known for supporting projects that implement new and disruptive technologies. In the past year, the fund management drew its focus toward crypto startup and has already provided the seed capital for more than 50 projects running ICOs.

Maria Jones discussed the e-Chat project with the Singulariteam professionals, elaborating on the funding opportunities and the benefit e-Chat brings to the investing side in the long run. The fund is best known for the provision of top-level professional support from the early stages of the project development. We truly hope that their visionary ideas and the technological know-how to back them up will bring our mutual cooperation to success.

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  • Date news 02/11
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