e-Chat Decentralized Platform Offers Only the Best-Possible Solutions

Everyone is aware that e-Chat is mostly used to exchange texts, video and audio content, and publish posts in the news feed called ‘Moments’. It’s not a surprise, but e-Chat is actually ready to bring you more functionality and become your best friend and partner in solving everyday issues.


The implementation of e-Chat cryptowallet helps to transfer ECHT and other crytpocurrencies in private messages, trade one type of cryptocoin for another, provide a built-in payment system for contactless NFC and QR.


The Blockchain nature of e-Chat allows it to provide the highest possible security level for its users. It includes end-to-end encryption, fingerprint input, face recognition, and private key storage for crypto-wallets.


What concerns its basic function of messaging and communication generally, e-Chat provides the option of individual or group chats with 100% privacy, paid channels for bloggers and individual publishers, neural networks and AI implementation to change the appearance for video calls and live streaming to the ‘Moments’ news feed.


Don’t forget about the Additional Round of ECHT tokens sale that lasts until March 1st, 2018. Get your very own e-Chat tokens with a 5% Discount!

  • Date news 02/15
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